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Shore Thing (11.8 megs)

Suzanne Vega’s "Solitaire" sets the beat for the first short film from Seaside Heights & EEtR. Not for the underpowered computer. June 24, 2002.

For Laughs (12.9 megs)
For Laughs (4.8 megs)

"Hey You" from No Doubt plays while we laugh. Edited from the archives; the smiles will always be there. For Sky.

Due to the time constraints of the original production (video was shot and edited in about 4 days), there was no credit given where credit was due. These three minutes should change that.

Matt was generous enough to sit in the chair, but I should have changed tapes before rolling. In August and in iMovie, technical difficulties meant I could only use less than two seconds in the "studio relaease." Here is the whole interview, unedited. It's what you have been waiting for.

Nice What??? (7.9 megs)
Nice What??? (2.7 megs)

As part of the remastering in Final Cut Pro, this is one of the reworked sequences. Two sizes here: one for high speed, and a slightly smaller version for those of you with a slower connection, but much patience. Highlights: Underscoreing comes from the CD, rather than the live, but distorted concert version. Now you can hear The Pimp talk about the Blues.

Tech Support (1.7 megs)

One of McPheezy's early efforts in iMovie, back in the day when we could still play basketball in the room.

Dunkin (3.2 megs)

A short, if large clip. The real reason Michael Jordon came back to play. McPheezy stars; Miletti films.

The image from the New York Times Magazine on September 23 showed two columns of light wher The Towers once stood. March 11th, a temporary memorial will be illuminated. This is the build, and the view from the area of Ground Zero.

These are the pictures I took when the company returned to complete the job we were working on, the morning of September 11th.

Whether or not we return for 2002, here are 60 or so pictures of what it was like last year. Sort of.

This job was not renewed, and instead some of the usual players traveled to New Orleans for Mardi Gras, and Salt Lake City for the Olymics. Sunrise over the mountains is almost as cool as it is over the Sea.

My first convention, and though my political leanings are far from the central theme of this party, this event apparently worked to deliver victory by 4 Electoral College votes, with a little help from the Supreme Court.

Summer of 1974

Summer of 1974